Saturday, March 10, 2012

Berylline Hummingbird (Amazilia beryllina)

Salam sejahtera bagi para Kicaumania di seluruh Nusantara, berikut kicau nusantara akan membahas sedikit tentang burung kolibri Beryline Hummingbird
Berylline Hummingbird (Amazilia beryllina)
Some sources list the Berylline as an accidental species, since its members apparently do not breed regularly in the US.

Physical Description
Average weight: male 4.87 g, female 4.37 g.

Adult male: Emerald green all over, with purple on the rump and on some wing and tail feathers. The gorget is brighter green than the back.
Adult female: Similar to the male.

Observed (rarely) in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeast Arizona, and in New Mexico. Winters in Mexico.

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