Monday, May 7, 2012

10 species of Malaysian hornbills

Kicau Nusantara Join us for a chance to record all 10 species of Malaysian hornbills with our new and exciting tour. Covering 3 fantastic birding sites to maximise our target to complete the Hornbill list with our expert guides, this expedition will also see us venture into some of Malaysia's lush tropical rainforests and see the other 200 or more target birds.
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Target Birds 10 Hornbills
Sites include Langkawi Island Geopark (home to the only current and best site in Malaysia for the Mountain Hawk Eagle, Black Hooded Oriole, Brown-winged Kingfisher and the Plain-backed Sparrow) and a guranteed site for the Great Hornbills and the Oriental Pied Hornbills. Wreathed Hornbills are seasonal on this duty free island. Beautiful beach, good resort and the best way to start our tour with a unique range of diverse habitats and birds fron coastline waders to rainforest gems.

The next site is the world's oldest rainforest dating 130 million years old, Temengor Lake. This is home to all 10 species of Malaysian Hornbills. We will be primarily using the best resort on the Temengor lake and its fastest and safest boats to track down and observe all of its precious hornbills. For about 3 months in the year (August to October), the globally threatened Plain-pouched Hornbills make an appearance in flocks of thousands in this forest complex, a phenomena occuring no where else in the world. The highest count of Plain-pouched is currently over 2,000 birds. The Asian Elephants and other exciting wildlife and indigenous community makes this site a must see for birders.
10 species of Malaysian hornbills
The last stop for this tour is the idillic Kenyir Lake which is the quieter gateway to Peninsular Malaysia's National Park. Almost all the different hornbills species (with the exception of the Plain-pouched Hornbill) have been recorded by our guides and other independent birders here. We will be staying at Kenyir's best resort and driving and walking along its beautful bird friendly and quiet lakeside roads.

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