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Wisconsin Birding Resources

Kicau Nusantara Wisconsin Birding Resources
Wisconsin's 590 State Natural Areas encompassing 323,000 acres are valuable for research and educational use, the preservation of genetic and biological diversity, and for providing benchmarks for determining the impact of use on managed lands.

The Nifty Fifty
The Nifty Fifty is a mini-guide to the birds of Wisconsin. It includes descriptions, images, video and songs of 50 of the most often observed birds of Wisconsin. View the guide by clicking here or on the Nifty Fifty link on the left.
You will need the free Flash player to view the guide.
Some birds prefer to stay near the ground, while others are almost always seen high in a tree. Look for the following notations in the species descriptions to determine where the species is most likely to be seen. If a note is not present, the bird does not have a strong affinity for a particular region.
Look high.
Look mid-story.
Look low.
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State Information
Wisconsin Society for Ornithology
Wisconsin Checklist

Recent Bird Sightings
(262) 784-4032 Statewide
(608) 255-2476 Madison

Birding Locations
Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail
Horicon Marsh
Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge

Wisconsin State Bird - American Robin
Wisconsin Birding Events
Horicon Marsh Bird Festival
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Phone: (920) 210-4832
Horicon Marsh Bird Club was organized in August 1994, for the purpose of studying and sharing with others the rich bird life of the Horicon Marsh and Eastern Wisconsin. If you're a birder or a naturalist or just someone who enjoys the beauty of nature we encourage you to come visit Horicon Marsh. The Horicon Marsh Bird Festval will focus on introducing vititors to many of these birds at the peak of the spring migration.

Tundra to the Tropics: Connecting Birds, Habitats and People
Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge, Wisconsin
Phone: 608--539-2311
Birding Festival - Exhibits/Displays - Bird Games - Family Fun Activity Stations - Guided Bird Tours - Wildlife Observation on the deck! And much more!

Other resources and locations
If you have suggestions for additional birding resources in Wisconsin, from web sites to your favorite birding location, submit your information using the following form. You can cut and paste large amounts if text into the information field. Birding locations are the most desired, but any good resource on Wisconsin birds is welcomed.
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