Friday, April 15, 2011

Kapas Tembak Jantan dan Betina

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Before reviewing more deeply about the characteristics of male and or beard kapas tembak male shoot, maybe it's good for the perception of the characteristics kapastembak first. KapasTembak, for some people referred to as a beard or shoot and vice versa. However, whether these two names is a representation of a bird? Based on several sources that exist in print or online, KapasTembak is its own kind and can not be equated with a beard shot. Ciri burung kapas tembak jantan dan betina, mengetahui ciri khusus kapas tembak, no Download suara burung Kapas Tembak.

Fundamental characteristics of a distinguished kapastembak is shaped like a cotton beard and chest colors which tend to be grayish white. While Beard Shoot has a distinguished chest golden browned and almost resembles a banana skin which is almost rotten.

However, to distinguish the sex of kapas tembak or beard shoot, almost no difference.

1. Kapastembak male traits.
  • Having a body that is symmetrical and larger.
  • Sound is not only dominated by the shot. Male Kapas tembak able to spend a very melodious chirping like a magpie kacer pot or stone.
  • When on the track with other kapastembak, wings not ngleper.

2. Kapastembak female characteristics.
  • Having a smaller body than the male kapas tembak.
  • The voice over is dominated by the shot. Therefore, kapas tembak females preferred as a tool pemaster other birds.
  • When in fights with other kapas tembak, their wings often ngleper.

In addition, it can also use the technique to distinguish sex in cucak beard.

However, the characteristics of male and beard firing kapas tembak male above is not absolute. In practice, it could be found any difference. So, be careful before you buy is properly done.


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