Friday, April 15, 2011

Ciri Cucak Jenggot Jantan dan Betina

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Cucak Jenggot or who has the Latin name Alophoxius Bres (Grey-cheeked bulbul in English) is a family of Pycnonotidae. This fruit-eating birds have a distinctive enough voice besetan and often accompanied by a shot, be it male or cucak cucak goatee beard female. Although by some chirping mania cucak beard is often considered as a master bird, but in perkembanganya, cucak jenggot can also be used as a mascot and even dimaster by other birds, especially cucak manly beard. Membedakan cucak jenggot jantan dan betina. Memberi pakan untuk cucak jenggot, cara penanganan jika burung cucak jenggot mabung, makanan cucak jenggot.

To be able to distinguish the sex of cucak jenggot, basically it's not easy to recognize as traits cucak green (cuucak ijo) or other birds. However, following below at a glance how to distinguish cucak goatee beard male and female cucak.

1. Characteristics Cucak Male Beard
  • Sound chirp varied and not just monotonous.
  • If on the other tracks with cucak beard, not ngeleper (vibrating wing).
  • If he was already well established, Cucak male beard does not spawn if the excess extra fooding.
  • The more symmetrical both in view of the head, back and tail.
  • Color in the chest more dominated by the color yellow.

2. The characteristics of Cucak Beard Females
  • Tend to be monotonous chirping sound and more sound is dominated by besetan / ngesrek.
  • If on the other tracks with cucak beard, especially with cucak manly beard, wings will ngeleper.
  • If he was already well established, the beard Cucak females will lay eggs, particularly if boosted with extra fooding.
  • Body shape is less symmetrical
  • Color chest in dominance with more white than yellow.

Please note that the characteristics of male beard cucak and characteristics of female cucak ijo, jenggot, above is just based on the experience of the majority of players bird. The issue is valid or not, monggo in his own try.


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