Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ciri Anis Kembang Jantan dan Betina

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If we want to maintain a bird chirp, whether it be birds or the projected home for the race, of the androgynous male birds who will be pursued. Why is that? It is undeniable that the male birds have more value, both in terms of economics or kicauanya own. If the previous posts have discussed how to distinguish anis merah jantan, now our turn to know the characteristics anis kembang jantan and female. Was quite difficult? The answer could be yes and can not.
Let not the more deviated from the topic, here are simple tips how to distinguish male and female aniskembang.

1. The characteristics of male Anis Kembang
  • The eyes protrude.
  • Feather on the buttocks around the anus, aniskembang white males have a black cloud image patterned thin.
  • Punglor male flowers have a voice loud enough and loud.

2. The characteristics of female Anis Kembang
  • Eyes not protruding flat alias.
  • The color of hair on the buttocks are not plain white patterned aliases
  • Sound punglor female flowers tend to be loud and not too loud.

In addition to the above characteristics, of course there are still other characteristics of anis kembang anis kembang male and female. Unfortunately, until now not many sources of information that reviews more about the characteristics of male and female anis kembang. Therefore, if the visitors have more detailed information about how to distinguish male and female aniskembang, please kerelaanya to share experiences here.


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