Thursday, May 19, 2011

Murai Batu Malaysia Sumatera Kalimantan

Of the several types of existing stone magpie each having its own characteristics. From its properties, the magpie is a lot of stone reared by bird enthusiasts in Indonesia is the magpie stone originating from Sumatra, Malaysia, and Borneo. Murai Batu third from the place has a pretty good performance when singing. When singing, be able to sing the rhythm is quite melodious. Not infrequently the magpie rock rhythm song also sang other birds.
The third characteristic of the magpie stones are as follows:

Murai Batu Malaysia
One characteristic rocks of the neighboring country magpie is a small body with a combination of a fairly long tail. This malaysia magpie tail stone when viewed carefully rather thin compared with the magpie stone from elsewhere. Because the bones are thinner tail feathers and long, the rest from Malaysia tail magpie stone is slightly curved downward (flexible).
When you're singing, movement up and down its tail like a whip. In terms of sound, the bird is quite melodious and varied rhythm of the song. This bird is smart enough so easily trained with the melodious songs of other birds.
Murai Batu Sumatera
Murai stone Sumatran known so far there are two, namely from Medan and Lampung. In fact, in general, in various regions in Sumatra still be found magpie stone. However, as traders from various regions, especially Java, if you buy a magpie stone to wholesalers in Medan or Lampung, magpie makes people think there is only a stone in Sumatra in Medan and Lampung.

Murai Batu originating from Sumatra are generally slightly larger body of rock malaysia magpie. Its tail is approximately 22-24 cm long. Because the bones are thicker fur so when singing-driven tail up and down looks a bit stiff.
In terms of sound, generally more like the magpie bird enthusiasts from Medan stone than from Lampung. That's because the fans assume magpie bird stone from Medan is more intelligent so that when filled with the sound more easily mimic other birds. Then, in the song between the variations of one another with song variations can be continuous and ngeroll. The one from Lampung in the song often repeat or terms in perburungan ngeban.
Murai Batu Borneo
Murai Batu from Borneo is the main physical characteristics of body size variation is with a much shorter tail than the magpie stone from Malaysia or Sumatra. Tail length averaged only 13 cm, more to the tip of its tail widened.
Murai Batu from Kalimantan are less preferred because it is considered less have many variations of songs. In fact, they are not. Origin would educate or train with other bird songs, rock thrush from Kalimantan are not inferior to the magpie rocks Sumatra or Malaysia origin. But, in terms of appearance magpie Kalimantan stone is less interesting because its tail is shorter if more ups and downs are not as beautiful chirping magpie stone from Malaysia or Sumatra.
However, it does not mean the bird is ugly. In this song, rock kalimantan magpie magpie was defeated by a stone from Sumatera. However, if early treatment well and combined with the provision of the master bird who had a melodious voice, this bird is not inferior to rock thrush of Sumatra or Malaysia origin.
Burung murai batu malaysia Medan dan Kalimantan Borneo

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